Project Description

Following are the steps most often required by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) in the investigation and remediation of a former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site.

Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study
Interim Remedial Measure(s)
Record of Decision (or Decision Document)
Design and Construction
Site Management

Following a Site Characterization (SC) completed in 2010, the former Dangman Park Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site (“the Site”) project transitioned to a Remedial Investigation (RI). The field work for the RI began in Fall 2011 with the implementation of a sampling program at and in the vicinity of the Site.  RI activities were completed in December 2013.  National Grid established Access Agreements with the owners of the privately owned properties on which the Site is located and adjacent to the Site prior to conducting sampling activities.

Remedial Investigation Activities Summary:

The NYSDEC determined that a RI of the Site was required to determine the full nature and extent of contamination at this site. The objectives of the RI were to complete the delineation of the horizontal and vertical extent of MGP impacts, determine the surface and subsurface characteristics of the Site, identify sources of contamination and identify migration pathways, and assess potential impacts to human and the environment.

The RI activities, along with the results of the prior SC, determined the extent of the MGP-related constituents of concern (COCs).  Soil, groundwater, and soil vapor, impacted by the former MGP operations do not present complete exposure pathways for commercial workers, patrons, or residents based on current land use.  Currently, people present at the Site are not exposed to impacts from the former MGP.  In the future, if construction or utility workers excavate beneath the parking lot or existing building, there may be exposure and health and safety measures will be taken to reduce the potential for exposure to the impacts.

Remedial Investigation Report:

A Remedial Investigation Report that summarizes the results of the investigation activities was prepared and submitted to the NYSDEC and New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) in July 2014.  The investigation determined the extent of the MGP-related COCs, and determined that there are no complete exposure pathways to the COCs for commercial workers, patrons, or residents based on the current land use.  The report has been reviewed and approved by both agencies, and has been posted on this website under the Key Documents tab.

All of this information is being used by National Grid and the NYSDEC as the basis to have a full understanding of the nature and extent of the impacts to the environment at the Site. This information, in turn, is being used in the evaluation of potential remedial actions for the Site.  Before the final remedial action(s) are decided, the NYSDEC will hold a Public Meeting.