Update - Week of February 6, 2017

Site Work

National Grid is not currently working at the site.

Building construction work is being conducted by the property owner. The building construction work is beyond the limits of planned remediation at the site.

Update on Remediation Plans

National Grid, under the oversight of the NYSDEC, is proposing a cleanup for the former Dangman Park MGP site (“site”) located at 486 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY.  The remediation proposed is comprised of two Interim Remedial Measures (IRMs) – one Injection IRM and one Excavation IRM.  The NYSDEC-approved Injection IRM will be completed at the Site in late February or March 2017.

National Grid recently completed the IRM Premobilization Investigation.  This work involved test pits and soil borings that were required for the design of the Excavation IRM.  Now that the data has been collected, National Grid will complete the design for the Excavation IRM, and will submit additional documents to NYSDEC for approval.  The Excavation IRM will be completed at the Site in 2017.

Contact Information

National Grid will provide updates as the IRM Premobilization Investigation and design of the Excavation IRM proceeds.  For more information, please leave a message on our hotline at (718) 982-7500 or email us at info@dangmanparkmgpsite.com

Website Update Information

National Grid will provide an activity update for neighbors of the former Dangman Park MGP site with developments related to the investigation and remediation of the Site. During the remedial construction phase, National Grid provides a weekly update on activities related to the remediation of the Site. The updates describe the work being done on and near the Site, and provide an outlook and schedule for upcoming work, including information about work that may impact normal community activities. All updates are archived under the Key Documents tab of this website.