Update - Week of February 8, 2016

National Grid is continuing to conduct work at the former Dangman Park MGP (the Site) as part of an approved Supplemental Remedial Investigation (SRI) under the direction of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation(NYSDEC). This work for the SRI is related to National Grid's responsibility to investigate, and where necessary remediate, the former MGP site and is not being conducted by the property owner.

National Grid’s contractor is conducting a Utility Identification and Location survey in the alley behind the shopping center. This activity does not involve intrusive work and no air or vibration monitoring will be conducted.

Since the Community Board #13 Environmental Committee meeting on November 9, 2015, National Grid and its contractors have undertaken additional tasks to collect information for the remedial design for the Site. These tasks will supplement the information gathered during the September-October 2015 soil boring and well monitoring activities.

In January 2016, National Grid's contractor completed the approved SRI - Hydrogeologic Field Activities. In February 2016, National Grid's contractor will complete the approved SRI - Utility Identification and Location. These additional SRI activities are necessary to evaluate possible remedial designs for the Site.

National Grid is continuing to work with the NYSDEC regarding evaluation of all the SRI test results. The results of all the SRI testing will be described in a report that will be reviewed by the NYSDEC, and, when available, the report will be posted to this website. The proposed remedial design will also be reviewed by the NYSDEC. National Grid and the NYSDEC will be available for a Public Meeting to discuss the remedial design, although a time will not be set until the reports have been prepared and reviewed.