Update – January 2015

As noted above, National Grid, with oversight provided by the NYSDEC and in cooperation with the NYSDOH, has completed a RI of the Site.  A public availability session to present the results of the RI, and respond to questions and comments will be held at 6 p.m. January 28, 2015, at the Lincoln High School auditorium at 2800 Ocean Parkway. Representatives of the NYSDEC, the NYSDOH, and National Grid will participate in the meeting.  The NYSDEC Fact Sheet announcing this public availability session is provided in the Fact Sheet and Newsletters section under the Key Documents tab of this website.

As the next steps for this project, National Grid, under oversight from the NYSDEC and the NYSDOH, will complete an evaluation of potential remedial actions for the Site.  Part of the evaluation will be a pre-design investigation (PDI).  The PDI will collect data on the former MGP site, mainly in the area of the existing shopping center building.  The PDI Work Plan will be approved by the NYSDEC and the NYSDOH, and the field program will be completed under NYSDEC supervision.  The PDI data will be used to determine the remedial action(s) for the Site.  Before the final remedial action(s) are decided, the NYSDEC will hold a Public Meeting.

National Grid will provide future Updates when activities related to the PDI and remediation of the Site continue. The Weekly Report Archive section under the Key Documents tab of this website will include all of the Updates.